Mobility Managed Services

The mobile workforce will soon become overwhelming even for your organization, as it already happens with companies around the globe, having to support complex mobile deployments and decide which projects go further and which stop according to budgets and business needs. We propose you a different model: Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

How can mobility benefit your organization? Here are just a few ideas of what our mobile messaging and communication solutions can do:

  • Replacing expensive calls to mobiles with quick and convenient SMS;
  • Rapid one-to-many communications;
  • Leveraging existing email infrastructure with keyboard convenience to send messages;
  • Using mobile devices that everyone already has for mobile learning solutions;
  • Using mobile devices as part of your crisis management plans;
  • Giving your customers the convenience of reminders via SMS and being able to respond to you via SMS.

Our Managed Mobility Services include:

  • Mobile Device Management – we take care of the easy management of mobile devices along their lifecycle, from initial deployment to re-provisioning and decommissioning;
  • Mobile Security – we enforce user authentication and encryption of data in transit, on device and storage media, control port usage and connection parameters and implement kill-pill/data-fade policies in case the device is lost or stolen;
  • Application Development and Management – we develop, deploy and maintain applications, mobilizing business processes and data and we provide an easy-to-use platform that lets you develop powerful enterprise grade applications across multiple device operating systems.