End User Computing Technology Solutions

Have you ever wondered how your people, your colleagues in non-IT departments receive and perceive the interfaces of the applications they work with? If they are friends with IT or not? If these utilities are as easy to use as the mobile applications they adopted in seconds?

When you’re in trouble, we are here to help you overcome the challenges of simplifying, standardizing and streamlining systems to improve availability and service, and provide everyone in your organization with the right instruments to succeed in the dynamic work place.

We believe in the concept of Live Workspace and our services of Desktop Management, Desktop Virtualization and Mobility – the three key pillars for helping your employees work better with IT – are built around it.

Desktop Management
We bring to the table a complete service pack for taking the management overhead from internal resources towards us. Aiming to get from desktop infrastructure to desktop as a service, we offer:

  • Desktop Deployment & Support (PCs, Laptops, Printers and Peripherals)
  • Desktop Configurations
  • Software Distribution & Installation
  • Standard Imaging
  • Application & Operating System Management
  • Hardware/Software Rollouts
  • Security and Patch Management
  • Anti Virus and Anti Malware Protection
  • Data Backup & Restore
  • Data Migration
  • Platform Migration Services
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Technology Refresh
  • IT Helpdesk
  • Third Party or Vendor Management

Desktop Virtualization
Since this is becoming more and more a priority for your organization, we developed a well-rounded desktop virtualization package that encompasses assessment, user profiling, design, implementation and support of the virtual desktops and devices. Through it, our consultants address the challenges of data security, compliance, soaring desktop support and administration costs. Moreover, to initiate you into desktop virtualization fast and with a minimum investment in infrastructure, they offer you desktop-as-a-service (DaaS).

To ease and improve the way you communicate, exchange information and collaborate with other companies and to enhance your mobility in the most dynamic business environment ever, we bring multiple channels of communication in a single easy-to-use platform, through Unified Communication. We integrate Unified Communication features such as presence, instant messaging, web and video conferencing, VOIP and federation to easen your real time collaboration with your partners, which means being more efficient both in costs as well as time resources. Our offer spans from technology-consulting, design and implementation to administration services.

Mobile devices and platforms
It’s obvious that in the business world the push is to extend computer applications to the mobile perimeter, from iPhone, Symbian and BlackBerry to Windows Mobile and Android, enabling your access to data at any time. Because we live and do business in a nowness world, our consultants are more than ready to provide the planning, support and the technology for it.

Cloud computing
With cloud computing access to information has never been easier and more at your fingers, anytime, anywhere, remotely via the Internet, by only having a device and an available Internet connection. Well, that’s what we call IT as a service! It’s transformative to the decision makers in your organization, making them almighty.

“Everyone, needing every application, every time” is not impossible anymore and can even be efficient, since our expertise expands five major areas:

  • Virtualization – applications are separated from infrastructure, so they are run as virtualized images.
  • Utility computing – server capacity and processing capacity are accessed across a grid as a variably priced shared service.
  • Software as a Service – the option of flexible pay-per-use pricing for business applications. This SLA-driven offering ensures that you significantly bring down your TCO while focusing on the core competence.
  • Infrastructure as a Service – controls your organization’s investments with a flexible pay-per-use pricing by choosing a SLA-driven virtualized IT infrastructure that matches your business requirements without having to own it. The infrastructure is dynamically scalable based on the demands of your business, thus ensuring lower TCO.
  • Platform as a Service – addresses the platform layer of the cloud and brings the benefits of cloud computing to your applications by migrating them to cloud platforms. We deliver PaaS guaranteeing three additional components: reusable business services, integration capabilities and extension capabilities.

These flexible services benefit you with:

  • Speed to value: frees your staff from focusing on value creation thanks to immediately available, reliable and scalable infrastructure
  • Business agility: matches your business needs through infrastructure resources and costs that scale up and down as required
  • Cost economies: eliminates CapEx and reduces OpEx
  • Reliability, privacy and governance: guarantees highly available and resilient infrastructure with variable service levels to suit your business
  • Greener IT: reduces overprovisioning of server estates and the accompanying surplus energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • A single integrated user experience: ensures a common look and feel between existing and cloud-based applications