IT Strategy & Governance

IT Strategy and Governance is a part of the beating heart of your organization, pumping blood into the business strategy, enabling profitability. IT becomes a center for enabling profit generation across the organization and for setting you apart in the competitive context.

Why you need IT Governance? As part of the Enterprise Governance, it is focused on establishing the framework of policies and principles by which IT should operate, it oversees processes that help IT and the business grow and aims to sustain and extend the organization’s strategies and objectives. In a nutshell, it sets who makes what decisions and how. In a highly technologized business environment, good IT Governance is the differentiator that can turn you into a winner.

Business transformation can be a goldmine, but it can also mean danger, which can disrupt operations or have other unwanted consequences. How do you balance the two, to enable organizational change? Through IT Governance we make sure every penny you invest in IT generates business value and we mitigate IT associated risks, by implementing an organizational structure with well-defined roles for the responsibility of information, business processes, applications and infrastructure. This is the way we keep you away from failure.

We offer consultancy in these specific areas:

  • establishing an alignment and sustaining it with business goals to help meet the evolving needs of your organization;
  • establishing opportunities for performance improvement and potential cost savings across the IT function;
  • introducing IT governance to help create an effective working relationship between IT and other business functions;
  • establishing appropriate operating standards and practices (including ITIL and COBIT ) within IT to help implement appropriate control procedures linked to corporate risk and compliance mechanisms;
  • developing IT sourcing strategy through appropriate use of internal and external (outsourced) components to help deliver efficient, effective and controlled IT services;
  • translate business goals and strategy into IT projects which deliver the maximum value to business operations.