Business Technology Enterprise Architecture

The managerial team in your organization plays the role of the supreme architect, designing and correlating processes, structures, technologies, interfaces, applications, information and people to make them work perfectly together, so that the business stays beautifully up, whether it faces good times or bad times. Enterprise Architecture is meant to help you link business and technology and bridge business strategy and program management.

Enterprise Architecture shows you all the invisible links that keep your organization running, so that you understand them in their full complexity and manage change. It is a self-reforming business function, permanently seeking ways for bettering the structure, the behavior and the relationships between the constituting elements of your organization and the environment.

Through Enterprise Architecture we aim to determine how your organization can most effectively achieve its current and future objectives, to promote alignment, standardization, reuse of existing IT assets and the sharing of common methods for project management and software development across the organization. Most importantly, it benefits you in that it makes IT cheaper, more strategic and it increases its responsiveness.

We can help you doing:

  • IT Transformation and Optimization
  • Strategic IT Planning and Control
  • Enterprise Portfolio Management
  • Applications GAP Analysis and Transition Roadmaps
  • Implementation of Enterprise Architecture repositories