Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning Services

You reach your objectives if your business is running everyday, as planned, in the established parameters. If not, you lose money and we don’t think that’s on your agenda. This is why, through Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning Services we assist your organization in assuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of highest importance data, information, communications and business processes in the event of emergency conditions, to ensure recoverability of data, resources, business functions and communications.

Our methodology includes:

  • identification and analysis of potential threats and impacts to the customer critical business functions and resources supporting day to day, hour to hour operations;
  • development of strategies in support of documented contingency plans to ensure all vital resources, processes and business unit functions;
  • evaluation through test plan development and testing;
  • life cycle of the Business Continuity Planning process to ensure that the highest levels of information security are maintained and the response plans remain effective.