IS Advisory Services

IT came a long way from being just a department, a function and a cost center in your organization to being recognized for the strategic role it plays in delivering your corporate strategy and improving business performance. You only have to empower it, since it stays at the same table with you in board meetings, working in your favor.

Business is IT’s business as well. And your organization’s performance depends on its . Through IS Advisory Services we give back your IT department the power to support and transform your organization. We work together with CIOs and their teams to embed IT in your processes and drive efficiencies throughout your organization, so that you achieve improved business performance. And last, by improving IT effectiveness we also increase your return on IT investment.

We assist you in defining your organization’s security goals and in developing strategies to align information technology and information security to your business in the most cost efficient manner.

We also aim to provide technical and administrative controls in order to enhance integrity, confidentiality and availability of information, to encompass issues related to privacy, regulatory compliance and business continuity and to overcome information security challenges with maximum cost efficiency.

Our IS Advisory Services have several main directions:

  • IT Strategy & Governance
  • Business Technology Enterprise Architecture
  • Information Security Services
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Regulatory & Compliance Services