Being an actor in one of the most innovative and technology driven markets – telecommunication – you are continuously challenged to grow revenue, improve operational efficiency and achieve the best time to market. To help you meet these business targets and stay on top of change, we enable the connection, communication and better collaboration within your organization and with key partners. We empower you to act as a consultant, vendor and strategic partner for your customers, by addressing your challenges in key areas: business support systems and operations support systems.

Business Support Systems (BSS)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
The recipe for improving sales success and deliver efficient customer service is directly linked to the degree of information sharing between your employees. The integration of Sales and Customer Service features generates a complete view of customer history, lead management, automated incident management, a searchable knowledge base and opportunity management. CRM would be nothing without the reporting tools you so much need for accurate forecasting and measurement of business activity and internal performance.

Technology: Siebel CRM – Oracle

Billing & Invoicing process
Billing and invoicing might sound easy, especially since it’s a daily, repetitive activity and you may never think it could be done more efficiently if you’d have the options you never dreamt of:

  • quickly generating structured bills and forward them to the invoicing process
  • reducing the overall number of invoices by creating convergent invoices over multiple services and product lines
  • integrating new billing streams for your own and third party services without the need to touch your existing billing system

Moreover, you’d never think you could innovate to enhance customers’ experience by giving them access to invoices over the web and offer self-service option. And we help you implement it!

Technology: Billing Solution

Debt Collection Process
Managing thousands and even millions of customers and their payments is not an easy task, since it challenges you to maintain cash flow levels up and reduce customer debts. We work with your collection department to control, manage and automate debt collection processes through solutions of prevention, early collection, late collection, fraud, legal, foreclosure, external agencies relationship

Technology: Debt and collection system

Operations Support Systems (OSS)
Service Assurance
Connect customer trouble tickets with network faults – associates customer facing trouble tickets with incident reports from network maintenance. This allows customer reported problems to be linked to network issues, whether known at the time of the initial report or uncovered later. Customer trouble tickets can then be updated and closed when the underlying network fault has been resolved.

Technology: HP Service Manager

Network Monitoring & Fault Management
Conduct impact analysis in seconds – fault management systems deal with the constant stream of network alarms, performing some root cause analysis and filtering to provide a clearer view of the most significant faults. But to prioritize which fault should be dealt with most urgently, you need to make a quick and accurate impact analysis that determines which customers are impacted and how much of your network is affected.

Technology: HP OpenView TeMIP, HP SiteScope, HP Device Discovery, HP Network Node Manager