Retail & Wholesail

In the face of growing competition and declining margins, the whole retail industry seeks to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. We support you to balance both, by helping you improve existing business processes to increase overall efficiency and by using technology to transform customer processes such as targeted marketing, customer engagement, customization, promotions, loyalty programs and CRM, in order to ensure growth.

Our competences and experience cover the following areas:

  • Inventory Planning
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Category Management
  • Order Forecast
  • Price Optimization
  • Debt collection

In your striving for differentiation to gain a competitive edge your needs are unique in the retail landscape, that’s why we offer customized solutions so that you achieve performance in retail planning, merchandise management, supply chain management and point-of-sale.

POS Solutions
We are committed to reduce your operating costs of store systems while keeping untouched the envisioned customer experience, no matter what you sell. Our POS solutions offer functionalities like: process returns, coupons, inventory tracking, retail accounting reports, stock management, cash register functions, creating loyalty programs for your customers.

We ease the work life and enable the performance of your employees with Bar code Scanning solutions or by Keyboard, using the Quick Menu Buttons or the Touch-Screen Keyboard. At the same time we make sure POS screens are user friendly and easy to navigate.

The key benefits of implementing a POS solution:

  • it adds more value that will cover its initial cost
  • it can handle greater product volumes
  • makes complex business logic possible
  • offers more management information of your daily operations such as sales tracking, refunds, time clocks, menus, pricing, revenue maximization etc
  • provides advanced functionalities such as reservation and table management for HoReCa and any business in the food service industry
  • achieves enhanced savings with greater efficiency
  • delivers better workflow for staff
  • improves customer service and increases customer through-put
  • manages large numbers of customers and groups
  • allows restaurants to combine multiple services into a single invoice (hotel room, meals, events, other services)
  • provides graphical management of store assets such as table, rooms, bar, etc
  • delivers superior reporting and analysis features
  • streamlines inventory management

Price management & optimization
We understand you are under the pressures of competition intensification, rising fuel costs, changing market context, weak credit market, diminishing retail margins, increasing price sensitivity among customers, thus you fight for the winning price strategy, that makes the difference between staying on the market, profitably and insolvency.

We offer price management & optimization solutions to enable you implement pricing strategy faster and to help your business achieve higher levels of pricing effectiveness and efficiency. Our aim consists in maximizing your gross profit and meeting your volume targets through:

  • flexible integrated pricing solutions that support all aspects of daily pricing and related performance management in highly competitive environments
  • enabling your business to take pricing, inventory and competitive data, analyse it and deliver prices that maximize gross profit on a location basis compliant with company strategy.
  • designing a common framework that facilitates best practices across markets with the variation of pricing complexity and specificities