Energy & Utilities

We know the Energy & Utility Industry is facing increasing fluctuation and instability, from prices to the geo-strategic context, to supply, demand and harder-to-access reserves. However, the need is to shed light not on the uncertainty of these dynamics, but on the solutions that lead to productivity, by means of improving the company’s assets, engaging in complex partnerships and ultimately rendering any downstream business profitable.

Does it sound simple? Yes, it is.

Our entire expertise in the field will help you spark up your company’s value, while improving decision making in rigs and refineries, production and transport, distribution networks and supply chains. We do it all sustainably and with maximum efficiency, for we are in the 21st century.

Asset Management
We believe you should control the integrity, availability and exact coordinates of your every asset to speed up productivity, safely and in no time. Our perfect asset management solutions guarantee that everything gets done flawlessly and with gapless performance. For that, we integrate our most advanced approaches to the functions of your asset management necessities, through mobile and real-time information that finally render your operations as clear, accurate and dynamic as you needed them to be so that you can control the precision of everything effortlessly and coherently.
The pro-activity of our asset management solutions, in terms of constant monitoring and supervision of assets, geospatial information systems that optimize their tasks precisely, information support and maintenance, are all designed to improve business performance and reduce costs.
Technology: IBM Maximo, Google Maps Solution for GIS system

Card Management
We are experienced in providing customized, project based Cards and Payment solutions for the Oil Industry and we have successfully developed the Fuel Card Complete solution for one of the largest oil companies in Romania.

Our Card Management systems not only encompass all facilities required for on-line transaction capturing and authorization, but they help you build up and support your proprietary systems. We offer secure acceptance of authorizations, reducing operation costs, spreading your company’s online presence across business platforms, supporting the development you and your clients prefer.
Technology: Fleet Card Management System

Specific Accounting
In your industry, nothing is more crucially beneficial than specific accounting. Improving decisions among joint venture partners, offering full support to commercial decisions at their best and filling in the industry regulators as fit as required, specific accounting adds up value by preventing the tiniest error from causing a major financial impairment in even the most intricate account sheets. How relevant is that? It’s unmistakably the easiest practice to full safety.