Enterprise Orchestration

When you step on the bridge of the opportunities every competitor runs after it is sure thing you’ll think of the transformations your business has to go through. And you can’t afford not to be organized for winning. After all, it’s the hygiene for staying in business. We step in to design the way the work across business will be done and then keep an eye so that it actually is executed as envisioned.

For the perfect integration and synchronization of the business processes in your organization we offer you the Enterprise Orchestration Suite, which combines Business Processes Integration, Business Process Management and Business Process Modeling to help you with:

  • identifying the right information
  • receiving the right information at the right place
  • viewing updated information in real time, reflecting the actual state of the enterprise operation (including environmental changes such as new customer demands, new technology, new legislation or new philosophies of the society at large)
  • coordinating business processes
  • organizing and adapting the enterprise

Business Processes Integration
Enterprise Business Processes Integration Suite consists of three pillars for designing your organization, meant to ensure its current success and future flexibility:

  • consultancy services for business process integration aimed to improve information flows between enterprise business processes, reporting and decision making process;
  • architecture integration solution in the process of linking business processes within an organization together in order to share data and simplify and automate business to the greatest extent possible;
  • implementation services in order to build interfaces over dedicated integration platform which will produce major benefits in managing end-to-end business processes, improving automation in the production and operations areas;

By making available the information you need, when you need it and where you need it, we enable communication, cooperation and coordination between people, computers and machines, while offering a platform for efficient and quick responses to ever-changing business conditions.


  • IBM Websphere Message Broker
  • IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • IBM Rational Application Developer
  • IBM Websphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration
  • IBM Websphere MQ

Business Process Management
You hate inefficiency and so do we. We promote efficiency and effectiveness all the way, through the alignment of business processes to the needs and wants of your clients. And when it comes to clients it’s good to expect the unexpected, but be fully equipped for it.

The thing is you can make episodic improvements of your processes, but you’ll only have small victories. Or, try to institutionalize the process improvement, make it part of your business DNA. When running your business by this mantra you keep your flexibility on and become capable to change and innovate in response to any of the market developments. With Business Process Management you keep efficiency and effectiveness at great levels, 365 days a year.

For your constant and solid victory, we offer consultancy and implementation services supporting both human-based and system-based processes across the full business process management life-cycle, including the design, automation, and management of multiple processes across your organization – with an emphasis on enabling real-time, round-trip process improvement through a combination of modeling, integration, execution, simulation and analytics technologies all orchestrated through a single interface.

Our main tasks consist in modeling and analysis of your organization’s business processes, including all workflow aspects:

  • business tasks;
  • roles and hierarchy structure;
  • decisions, approvals, reviews, escalations;
  • collaborations, flows, rules, policies;
  • events, goals, objectives and scenarios;
  • monitoring, reporting, analysis and notification of activities and events that affect work, using data about completed and in-progress transactions (in real time and offline).


  • IBM WebSphere Process Server
  • IBM Business Process Manager
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • IBM Rational Application Developer
  • Metastorm BPM
  • EMC Documentum Process Suite
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Workflow

Business Process Modeling
To further improve process efficiency and quality you need the powers to tame them. Business Process Modeling Suite makes you master of the show by enabling you to model, view and take action for improving the entire enterprise. All your scenarios are now easy to evaluate, by clearly understanding the relationships between business strategy, business processes and the technology that brings them to life and the way they impact each other. The ultimate purpose is to illustrate a complete process, enabling you, your decision people and consultants to improve the flow and streamline the process.

After a business process modeling activity you will most certainly appreciate the cost reductions for the company and the value creation for the clients, both adding to your profitability.

Business Process Modeling Suite consists of end-to-end solutions for:

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Business Process Design
  • Enterprise Architecture Optimization


  • Metastorm Provision